Structural Integration

“The word ‘myofascia’ connotes the bundled together, inseparable nature of muscle (myo) tissue and its accompanying web of connective tissue (fascia).”
Tom Myers, author of Anatomy Trains

Fascia is the webbing around and between the muscles allowing them to work together ‐ as a unified whole.

Fascia gives the body shape. Muscles, bones, organs, and more are connected with continuous sheaths of fascia at every layer. Fascia acts as a line of communication between individual parts of the body. If one area of the body has restriction, it may cause compensatory patterns of posture and movement in other areas.

As a framework for manual therapy, Structural Integration techniques work with these lines of communication as they transmit tension or ease within the fascia and throughout the whole body. Because the myofascial network is so far‐reaching, it is possible to work on underlying causes for pain and discomfort that may not be addressed by more localized treatment.

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